Power slapping will be brought from underground darkness to the light on January 18. Despite pushback, UFC President Dana White’s Power Slap League will make its TV debut on TBS. The show takes place inside of UFC’s APEX Center in Las Vegas.

The show has been marked by controversy. The brutal nature of slap fighting as a form of entertainment has been debated. Not only that, but a video of Dana White and his wife in a physical altercation was released before the show’s debut. Warner Media and TBS only delayed the show’s debut by a week following a video of White and his wife slapping one another on New Year’s Eve.

Even with the harsh style of play, there are rules for the organization, approved by The Nevada State Athletic Commission. UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell stated that there will be similar medical requirements, weight classes, and matchmaking to MMA. He elaborated that a fair weight discrepancy, mouthguards and earplugs, and enforced fouls will be implemented.

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Here is all you need to know about the Power Slap League, including the rules and scoring system.

What are the rules of the Power Slap League?

During each match, two competitors alternate between “striker” and “defender” roles. Competitors have up to 30 seconds to wind up and slap an opponent and 30 seconds to recover.

A striker is determined via a coin toss or a seeding method.

There are three to five rounds in a slap fight. Competitors knocked down are given a 10-count from the referee to rise to their feet to prove they can continue. There can be up to three-five rounds.

How does scoring work for the Power Slap League?

Judging criteria is based on the striker’s effectiveness and the defender’s reaction and recovery time.

If neither competitor is knocked out after a specific round, judges will use the 10-point system popular in MMA and boxing (10-9, 10-8).

Who will be competing in the Power Slap League?

Competitors featured via the Power Slap League’s website include:

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  • Former college football player Alex Asbury
  • Competitive bodybuilder Devon Schwan
  • Military veteran and jiu-jitsu purple belt Jesse Nutting
  • Power-lifter and farmer John Davis
  • Highland Games participant and USAWA power lifter Vernon Cathey
  • MMA veteran Jewel Scott
  • MMA fighter Robert Trujillo
  • Combat sports veteran AyJay Hintz

There will also be regularly updated rankings. Per the Power Slap League, anyone can apply. All one has to do is send a detailed video and background materials.

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